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Project: Ultimate Rustler


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While designing the Ultimate Bandit at the end of 2001, I was faced with a huge problem. I wanted to run the Hacker B50 8s brushless system from my Ultimate E-Maxx projects, but knew that the plastic motor mount plate would never survive the torturous torque. The solution I came up with involved Dremelling out the stock mount and inserting a custom-made aluminum prosthesis. Finally, over a year later, the Ultimate Rustler received the same treatment. You can see a couple more views of the original mount on the Ultimate Bandit project page. This piece stiffens up the whole area and allows gear mesh to be set with precision, with no gouging from the screw head and no drifting around on jump landings.

Click to enlargeA new, smaller-footprint ESC was installed, specifically a Duratrax Intellispeed 8T Pro (a special gift for all the Dura-trash-talkers out there). This allowed me to trim back the chassis plate under the ESC (and I also cut back the area under the receiver to match). The new ESC also uses a clean 3-wire setup of which I took full advantage to minimize the amount of heavy wire used on the truck. I made sure to orient the DudeMann Xtreme Racing 2K2 Pro with the brush leads towards the top and then I trimmed the ESC wires to fit snug (with just enough room to tune gearing) through a hole in the shock tower.

Click to enlargeNow here's a random last titbit I had no better palce to put. If you want to go as fast as possible, as smoothly and efficiently as possible, balance your wheels. Give them a gentle spin and see where they naturally settle and stop. Add weight to the opposite side, and repeat. You'll be surprized at how much weight is required in some instances. In the photo at right you can see that I've put a few spare screws in a big glob of Shoe Goo on the inside of one of my front rims (yes, all of that weight was needed to achieve balance). If you use this method, be sure to add a tiny bit more weight than needed, as the Shoe Goo evaporates water and gets lighter as it dries.

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